In the environment we are exposed to large number of toxins every day. We breathe in air full of fumes and chemicals, drink water containing heavy metals and hormones, eat food full of preservatives and colourings. These substances are treated as poisons by our bodies and they need to be neutralised and eliminated in order to maintain health. With time, inevitably some toxins stick in the body and build up as a ‘toxic load’.

Our Toxicity screening service rapidly, non-invasively and accurately assess your toxicity rating on seven toxicity factors:

  1. Overall toxic load
  2. Reaction to toxins
  3. Organ fatigue
  4. Livers ability to neutralise toxins
  5. Livers ability eliminate toxins
  6. Ability to absorb nutrients
  7. Degree of leaky gut

These readings will be plotted on a graph to form a triangle, the shape and size of which reflects your toxicity status. Basically the larger the triangle the more toxins you have and the smaller the triangle the clearer you are.

Our personalised detox program incorporates the use of advanced remedies to neutralise and eliminate toxins from your body. With subsequent screenings, as your toxicity reduces you will be able to see your triangle size diminish.