Eczema is an inflammattion of the skin that produces scaling, flaking,thickening,colour changes, and often itching. Many cases of eczema are the result of allergies and/or sensitivities. This type of eczema is called allergic or contact eczema. It can be caused by contact with perfumes, cosmetics, rubber, medicated creams and ointments, plants such as poison ivy, and/or metals or metal alloys such as gold,silver, and nickel found in jewellery and zips. Some people are sensitive to sunlight. Whatever the cause, if the remains in constant contact with it, the eczema is likely to spread and become more severe.

Stress, especially chronic tension, can cause or exacerbate eczema as can a fungal infection like candida or aspergillus. Atopic eczema is a hereditary form of the condition that usually becomes apparent in infancy. It typically appears on the face, in the bends of the elbows, and behind the knees. Often family members have a history of allergies or asthma.

Case Study

Mr S Born 1973. Eczema started five years ago on one finger and has got progressively worse since. Aggravated by chemiclas.Dry skin on hands Spots & vesicles under the skin which weep and discharge. Skin itchy andand stiff. Water wind and warmth aggravate. Food screening indicated patient was sensitive to dairy, yeast, wheat, caffeine citrus and alcoho, whilst he was also showing deficiencies in acidophilus, zinc and essential fatty acids. At the three month follow-up appointment patient stated he began to feel better after the first week, the symptoms then worsened for a time and then began improving again. The skin is less weepy with smaller spots and less itchy.