Asthma is a lung disease that causes obstruction of the airways. During an asthma attack, spasms in the muscles surrounding the small airways in the lugs (bronchi) constrict, impeding the outward passage of stale air. Sufferers usually describe this plight as “air starvation”. Typical symptoms include coughing, wheezing, a tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing. Asthma is multicausal and the usual treatment is by way of inhaled bronchodilators (relievers) and/or inhaled steroid preventors such as Becotide, Flixotide, Serevent.

Case Study

Mr J Born in 1960. Asthma since early childhood. Extensive absence from school in early teens due to the severity of asthma, had to attend special needs school and own GP wanted him to be registered as disabled. Continuous use of Ventolin, Becotide, Serevent,Intal inhalers and regular courses of antibiotics and oral steroids. In 1996 had crush fracture of lumbar spine as a result of a fall. Medical investigations following this fall determined that his bone density had been diminished as a direct result of prolonged oral steroid therapy. He was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Patient was determined to stop the oral steroids, which he had always found difficult, and reduce his reliance on inhalers in order to preserve bone density levels. Patient had been told by thoracic consultant that following a synacthen test (adrenal function test to determine if body producing its own steroid) that the oral steroids would have to be taken for the rest of his life.

The Asyra screening revealed that the adrenals were stressed and the adrenal hormones were out of balance. In addition the patient was sensitive to dairy, wheat, yeast, citrus fruits, caffeine and alcohol and was deficient in magnesium, B vitamins, essential fatty acids and vitamin C. At this the first appointment the patient was taking 15mg of prednisolone (oral steroid) daily together with the maximum permissible doses of the aforementioned inhalers. His peak flow was 275. In addition to dietary and supplementation advice the patient was given prednisolone in homeopathic potency in the form of drops to wean him off the steroids very, very slowly. At the follow up appointment the patient reported a greater sense of well being with more energy and improved sleep and had reduced the oral steroid dose to 7.5mg per day. After another three months the patient had stopped the oral steroids altogether. After a further six months the patient was taking half the dosage of only two inhalers, Ventolin and Becotide and a further adrenal test confirmed his adrenals had returned to their normal function and his peak flow measurement had increased to 480.