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Following your Asyra screening we will make various recommendations which will be based on your test results.

Nutritional Advice

The results of your nutritional screening will clearly show any nutritional deficiencies you may have. Nutrients are essential for life and deficiencies will impair how your body functions. They are particularly important if you are trying to recover from an illness. By maintaining adequate levels of essential nutrients the body can function at an optimum level, recover from illness more quickly and stay healthy.

Where deficiencies are detected we will advise you on dietary changes or recommend nutritional supplements to boost low levels of vitamins, minerals, oils and enzymes. General changes to your lifestyle may also be suggested.

Food Intolerances

The result of this screening will identify foods you have an intolerance or sensitivity to. Food intolerances have been found to be a major factor in many illnesses. When you eat a food you are intolerant to the bodies immune system detects it as a foreign invader and sets about neutralising it. This ties up a lot of energy and can result in many symptoms.

You may be advised to stop eating foods you are intolerant to. This will usually be for three months giving your body time to repair itself and become tolerant to them again. We will advise you on food substitutes that you can eat in their place in the meantime.

Comprehensive Analysis Screening

In the case of hormone and Comprehensive Analysis screening, we will have gained a detailed insight into the energetic health of all your main body organs and systems. Where imbalances have been found you may be recommended herbal, homeopathic and other remedies to aid the rebalancing of these body systems. These remedies are very potent and powerful and most people experience a positive change in health soon after starting these treatments.
We work in a holistic way and believe in aiding the body to heal itself. For some health conditions we may recommend you consult with your doctor or health care professional.