Natural Health Screening – Bournemouth for help with many conditions including:








High Blood Pressure

Irritable Bowel




This is by no means an exhaustive list and other conditions can be helped, such as autism, dermatitis, headaches, ME and thyroid. If your condition is not listed, please contact us to discuss the options we may be able to provide through our natural health screening solutions.

Screening with the Asyra System is quick, accurate and non-invasive. You do not need to do anything special for the test. Our standard tests include:

The Six steps for a Asyra screening:

  1. On arriving at the clinic you will have the opportunity to discuss your health issues with your therapist.
  2. You will be asked to hold a brass hand mass connected to the Asyra System, one in each hand.
  3. The Asyra System will then be set to perform the required test for example vitamin & mineral levels, food intolerances, hormone balance etc.
  4. During the screening process you will only feel the sensation of the metal hand mass touching the skin. As the readings are taken the computer displays and records the results.
  5. A vitamin and minerals screening itself takes about 2 minutes and when this is complete the results are produced immediately as a detailed report. You will either be given a printed copy of the report or sent one by email. This test includes checking your digestive function.
  6. The therapist will then explain the results and make treatment recommendations based on the tests findings. A follow up screening may be recommended which will accurately show how your health state has changed typically showing improved nutrient absorption levels and reduction in food intolerances.